“Within a week of deciding to work with Sue, she had me booked on TMJ4 for an interview about common tax-filing errors. As a financial planner, I had never done a TV interview before but, with her guidance and expertise, we trained through various scenarios. Sue has a step-by-step approach that makes a novice look like a professional. Since then, her connections have resulted in opportunities for me to do radio interviews, numerous TV appearances and a guest blog on topics ranging from tax identity theft to the impact of the Affordable Care Act on small businesses. I would highly recommend Pierman Communications to give you the public exposure needed to properly market your business.”

Dale Hammernik, President, Hammernik & Associates

“Sue Pierman is a talented communicator with a sharp eye for finding the right tone for a story, a press release, a marketing campaign. Her ideas are rich in details. It doesn’t hurt that in addition to being a consummate professional, she’s also a lot of fun to be around. She’s upbeat, talented, open, and friendly. She’s great at working with people. I recommend her highly.”

Vicki Quade, President at Nuns4Fun Entertainment, Inc., Chicago, Ill.

“Sue Pierman is relentless in looking for PR opportunities for me. She reached out to each media contact with a customized pitch that made it clear I was the expert that could add value to the contact’s world. Additionally, Sue wrote a very strong press release that I used to announce to my customers about my new business partnership, and I got a handful of inquiries as a result of that message. Sue is a delight to work with, an expert writer and PR person, and someone I can count on to craft a powerful message whenever I need to get information out to the world at large. I look forward to each opportunity I have to work with Sue and know I’ll be using her services in the future.”

Phil Gerbyshak, founder and CEO, Make It Great Institute, Milwaukee

“Whenever I worked with Sue Pierman to set up a guest segment for Fox 6 Wakeup News, the segment was a guaranteed success. The guests always arrived on time and well-prepared. Sue pitched many terrific, timely ideas that made for compelling television. Sue’s personality and professionalism made her a go-to person for our program. In my 23 years at Fox 6, I never worked with a finer individual. In our business, she represents the gold standard.”

Mark Concannon, former Fox 6 Wakeup anchor

“Sue has a gift for media training. Before I worked with her, I was terrified by the idea of appearing on a live news show. But Sue not only worked with me on my talking points, she accompanied me to the studio and walked me through the whole process. It was a great experience, and now I have no qualms when I get a call for an interview. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Robin Monson-Dupuis, Milwaukee behavioral health therapist

“Each JobCamp we’ve held in Milwaukee has received media coverage, but we were able to raise the bar a hundredfold this time around, thanks entirely to the professional efforts and media relationships brought to us through the efforts of Sue. She lined up some excellent opportunities to tell our story to the Milwaukee area via both television and radio coverage. In addition, Sue provided our team with expert coaching about how to speak effectively and managed all of our media interactions on the day of the event. She is quite simply exemplary!”

Todd Nilson, Milwaukee JobCamp Founder

Fox6_Real_Milwaukee“Sue has a lengthy resume to support her knowledge and expertise with the media. She also is a very detailed and organized professional, which makes her an individual who can deliver what she promises. Sue is definitely somebody you want in your corner when attempting to become visible via the local media.”

Jeannine Bauer, owner, Four Paws Grooming LLC

“Sue wrote and edited the weekly Milwaukee JobCamp newsletter and was an integral part of the marketing and communications team. The newsletter was our primary means of ongoing communication with registrants and required extensive coordination with the sponsorship, speaker and operations teams. Whatever was needed, Sue delivered ahead of schedule, expertly-written and with a keen sense of messaging.”

Dave Carhart, Milwaukee JobCamp

“Sue is one of the most gifted writers and editors I have ever known. She has a great eye for detail and a thorough understanding of style rules. She also is a quick study thanks to her journalism background. Whether it’s for print or Web, she will elevate the clarity and visual appeal of the project.”

Jim Gribble, Javelin Communications

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PR Tip

How to Craft a Successful TV pitch

Always remember that, when pitching the media, it’s important to consider what they want.

And what does TV news want most of all? Visuals, and lots of them.

Today’s audiences like action, and lots of it. With the advent of social media, attention spans are dwindling by the second. In order to grab and keep viewers, you have to keep offering information that is interesting and relevant.

No media outlet wants to air a static interview where you see only talking heads. Think about B-roll, background video that you can provide to help illustrate your story. Consider using statistics to create a graphic. Offer before and after photos, provide logos of your business, write bullet points that can be superimposed, or “supered,” onscreen, give them your web address, etc.

Most important, remember it’s not all about what you want. To successfully pitch a topic, consider what audiences want, and you’ll likely get the chance to tell your story.

What Sue’s Clients Say

Sue has an extraordinary ability to connect with the media. She is gifted at finding angles that appeal to news directors and reporters and is meticulous in preparing her guests for interviews. Sue worked with Stillwaters Cancer Support Services to promote our annual Hospital Food Fight fundraiser. Not only did she secure a slot for us on The Morning Blend, our target audience, but she walked us through every aspect of the interview.

Immediately after the show aired, registrations and calls were coming in. We got rave reviews for our interview skills on the show, and it was all because of Sue’s expert coaching. She also helped promote the interview and the event via social media. I can’t recommend her highly enough - her media connections, media training, writing and editing are stellar.

Theresa Reagan, Executive Director, Stillwaters Cancer Support Services, Waukesha, Wis.